ImPlot — Simple image plotter.

This module defines the ImPlot class.

class admit.util.ImPlot.ImPlot(pmode=None, ptype=None, figno=None, abspath='')[source]

Basic ADMIT image plotter that uses casa calls to create figures.

  • uses CASA imview
  • plot modes and plot types as in util.PlotControl
  • keeps track of figure number
  • make thumbnails if requested


plotmode Get the plotting mode
plottype Get the plot type


figure([figno]) set the figure number.
getFigure(figno, relative) Get the name of the figure file for given figure number
getThumbnail(figno, relative) Get the name of the thumbnail file for given figure number
makeThumbnail([figno, scale, fig]) Create a thumbnail for a given figure number.
plotter(figname[, rasterfile, contourfile, ...]) Image plotter
show() show internals for debugging
plotter(figname, rasterfile=None, contourfile=None, colorwedge=False, thumbnail=True, zoom=1)[source]

Image plotter


figname : str

Root of output file name. An extension matching the plot type will be appended. For instance, for, figname=’fig’ and plottype=PlotControl.PNG, the output file is ‘fig.png’

rasterfile : str

Image file to use as raster map. Optional if contourfile is given.

contourfile : str

Image file to use as contour map. Contours will be overlaid on rasterfile if both are given. Optional if rasterfile is given.

colorwedge : boolean

True - show color wedge, False - don’t show color wedge

thumbnail : boolean

If True, create a thumbnail when creating an output figure. Thumbnails will have ‘_thumb’ appended for file root. For instance, if the output file is ‘fig.png’, the thumbnail will be ‘fig_thumb.png’. Note: only PNG format is currently supported (matplotlib restriction, Exception raised otherwise).

zoom : int

Image zoom ratio.