Source_Spectra — Generates spectra for a series of map locations.

Usage: admit_recipe Source_Spectra BDP-Source-Table Your-Image-Cube [Your-Primary-Beam]


admit.recipe(“Source_Spectra”, “BDP-Source-Table”, “Your-Image-Cube”,”Your-Primary-Beam”)

This ADMIT script to create spectra for a list of positions in a BDP. The flow is:

  1. Ingest BDP which contains the desired source table.
  2. Ingest your cube into ADMIT (creates a CASA image if starts as FITS)
  3. Calculate the spectrum for each position


The Basic Data Product that contains the source table of positions where you want spectra. Typically created by SFind2D_AT (or recipe).
: image
Your CASA or FITS image. If the image file is not primary beam corrected, then input only this cube. Default cubes from clean are like this. The noise does not rise up at the edge of the field
: image, optional
Your CASA or FITS primary beam image. Cubes from the ALMA archive are often primary beam corrected. In these images, the noise rises out from the center of the imaged field. In this case, you need to input both the image file and the primary beam cube. Both are available to you from the archive.

Optional Keywords

  • xaxis in CubeSpectrum_AT: sets x-axis type: channel number, frequency, velocity. Current default is channel for full cubes and velocity for cubes created for each emission line by LineCube_AT. Default: