Source_Find — Finds sources in a 2-D image.

Usage: admit_recipe Source_Find Your-Image [Your-Primary-Beam]



This ADMIT script find sources in a 2-D ALMA interferometer image. The flow is:

  1. Ingest your image into ADMIT (creates a CASA image if starts as FITS)
  2. Calculate statistics on image for later use
  3. Find sources in image


: image
Your CASA or FITS image. If the image file is not primary beam corrected, then input only this image. Default images from clean are like this. The noise does not rise up at the edge of the field
param2: image, optional
Your CASA or FITS primary beam image. Images from the ALMA archive are often primary beam corrected. In these images, the noise rises out from the center of the imaged field. In this case, you need to input both the image file and the primary beam image. Both are available to you from the archive.

Optional Keywords

  • numsigma in SFind2D_AT: typically use 6.0 to 8.0; 4.0 if you want ot dig deeper. See the next parameter regarding limits on dynamic range in the presence of strong sources. Default:8
  • snmax in SFind2D_AT: this limits the dynamic range between the strongest source detected in the map and the weakest source detected. It overrides numsigma*sigma if it is larger. Default:35