The ALMA Data Mining Toolkit

The ALMA Data Mining Toolkit (ADMIT) is a value-added Python software package which integrates with the ALMA archive and CASA to provide scientists with quick access to traditional science data products such as moment maps, as well as with new innovative tools for exploring data cubes and their many derived products. The goals of the package are to:

  • make the scientific value of ALMA data more immediate to all users
  • create an analysis infrastructure that allows users to build new tools
  • provide new types of tools for mining the science in ALMA data
  • increase the scientific value of the rich data archive that ALMA is creating
  • re-execute and explore the robustness of the initial pipeline results.

ADMIT is funded as an ALMA Development Project, and was introduced as version 1.0 in May 2016, with a final delivery to NRAO in October 2016 as version 1.1, but under continued development in git.