Installation Guide

ADMIT pre-installed

If ADMIT has been installed on your system already, the only thing you need to do is source the appropriate admit_start script in your Unix shell. Use the .sh or .csh version depending on what flavor shell you are using. On most Linux and Mac systems these days give you bash as the default shell, so this would be

source /path/to/

but the csh/tcsh version is also fully functional. Then test if the basics work with the command


You should now also be able to import admit from within your CASA session and/or run an appropriate ADMIT script. Note that typing “admit” does not put you into an “admit” shell; it just prints out path definitions to show you that ADMIT is set-up for use.

ADMIT install from scratch

If you do not have ADMIT installed, or want a fresh install, grab the latest export version of the source code and install it. This will typically not even take a minute, as no compilation is needed! It just assumes you have CASA pre-installed, and know of its location on the system. Or head over to to install this for your system. ADMIT should work with CASA V4.5 and up.

Grab a version of the source code, pick one of many ways to do this:


curl  | tar -zxf -

and untar this file, then execute the configure step to create the two admit_start scripts. You will need to know where on your system the casa root directory is located. Here is a sample session for both Linux and Darwin:

tar zxf admit.tar.gz
cd admit_1.X.x
./configure --with-casa-root=/path/to/casa-release-4.7.2-el6

./configure --with-casa-root=/Applications/

where a CASA release had been placed in the /path/to/casa-release-4.7.2-el6 (a typical Linux example) or /Applications/ (the common Darwin example) and admit_1.X.x is the downloaded version of ADMIT. You can also wget that fully named version, but the latest is always available under the generic name. If you have a version of ADMIT without the configure script , you might be able to use the scripts/configure script instead (formally configure should be created with the autoconf command).

Now you can source the startup file and you are set:


If you want to check that ADMIT is set-up you can type:


and will now see the directory paths and versions. Congratulations!

Even though this discussion is out of scope here, the ADMIT development version can be obtained from


Your export version should come with an html as well as PDF version of the manual. Point your favorite tool at one of the following



ADMIT mailing list

It is highly recommended you subscribe to the ADMIT mailing list to hear about ADMIT updates, bug fixes, discussions etc. The address is and you can subscribe via!forum/admit-users