LinePlot — Interactive/non-interactive line plotting utility.

This module defines the LinePlot class.

class admit.util.LinePlot.LinePlot(pmode=33, ptype=7, figno=None, abspath='')[source]

Interactive and non-interactive line plot generator.

This class takes a LineID BDP as produced by the LineID task and creates standardized line plots for each of the inputs.


pmode : int, optional

Plotting mode (admit.util.PlotControl plot mode; e.g., PlotControl.BATCH).

ptype : int, optional

Plotting format (admit.util.PlotControl plot type; e.g., PlotControl.PNG). Ignored for interactive plots.

figno : int, optional

Starting figure number.

abspath : str

Fully-qualified path where images will be written. An empty string implies relative to the current working directory.


_plot (APlot) ADMIT plotter.


plot(llbdp[, names, showlines, numsigma, ...]) Generates line plots.
plot(llbdp, names=None, showlines=True, numsigma=4.0, vlsr=None, refs={})[source]

Generates line plots.

Generates a complete set of LineID-style line plots for the spectra present in a LineList (e.g., as output by LineID), or only a selected set if names is specified. A summary plot combining all spectra is not produced.

In interactive mode, plots are presented individually to the user and need to be dismissed to proceed to the next.


llbdp : LineList_BDP

Input spectra.

names : list of str, optional

Spectrum names to plot; if None, all spectra in the BDP will be plotted. Call llbdp.getSpectraNames() to see the complete list.

showlines : bool, optional

Whether to include line segments and identifications on each plot. (Note this includes all lines present in the BDP, not just those derived from the plotted spectrum in particular.)

numsigma : float, optional

Noise multiplier for cut-off.

vlsr : float, optional

Object line-of-sight velocity (km/s); labeled ‘unknown’ if not specified.

refs : dict, optional

A dictionary of frequencies and reference line names to be included in the plots. Allows plotting specific lines whether or not they are present in the spectra.