LineSegment_BDP — LineSegment_AT data (line segment information).

This module defines the LineSegment_BDP class.

class admit.bdp.LineSegment_BDP.LineSegment_BDP(xmlFile=None, **keyval)[source]

LineSegment BDP class.

This class contains a list of spectral line segments identified by the LineSegment AT. The columns in the table are: frequency (rest frequency in GHz), uid (unique identifier consisting of “U” and rest frequency), startchan (starting channel in the spectral window), endchan (ending channel in the spectral window).


xmlFile : str

Output XML file name.

keyval : dict

Dictionary of keyword:value pairs.


table (Table) Instance of he Table class to hold the spectral line information.
veltype (str) Velocity definition used for the spectrum. Default: “vlsr”.
ra (str) The RA of where the spectrum was taken. Default: “”.
dec (str) The declination of where the spectrum was taken. Default: “”.
nsegs (int) The number of segments in the table. Default: 0.


addRow(row) Method to add a row to the table
addSpectrum(spectrum, name[, replace]) Method to add a spectrum to the BDP
addimage(image[, name]) Method to add an image to the class
baseDir([path]) Get/set project base directory.
delete([delfiles]) Method to delete the BDP.
get(key) Access an attribute.
getSpectraNames() Method to get the names of the spectra
getSpectrum(name) Method to get a specific spectrum by name
getall() Method to get all rows from the table as a list of LineData objects
getdir() Method to get the subdirectory(s) of the current BDP relative to the ADMIT working directory.
getfiles() Return the filename(s) associated with the basic data in a BDP.
getimage([imtype, name]) Method to get a specific image type from the class
getimagefile([imtype, name]) Method to get the requested image file name from the named instance
haskey(key) Query if a key exists for an BDP.
isequal(bdp) Tests for equality with another BDP.
report() Report BDP properties in human readable format.
setkey([name, key]) Sets keyword value(s).
show() Show the xmlFile name.
update(new_state) Updates BDP state.
write([xmlFile]) Writes the BDP to an XML file.

Method to add a row to the table


row : LineData object

LineData object containing the data