LineCube_BDP — LineCube_AT data (cube and line information).

This module defines the BDP to hold LineCubes.

class admit.bdp.LineCube_BDP.LineCube_BDP(xmlFile=None, **keyval)[source]

Class for holding LineCube data.

This class holds both a spectral cube and line information of a specific spectral line.


xmlFile : str

Output XML file name.

keyval : dict

Dictionary of keyword:value pairs.


image (Image) Instance of the Image class to hold the spectral cube.
line (Line) Instance of the Line class to hold an information on the spectral line.
linewidth (float) The width of the spectral line, in km/s.
linechans (string) The start and end channels in the linecube that actually comprise the line. Example “10~20”, which would be channels 10 through (and including) 20. These are channel numbers based on this cube, not the original spectral window cube or where ever it was derived from.


addimage(image[, name]) Method to add an image to the class
baseDir([path]) Get/set project base directory.
delete([delfiles]) Method to delete the BDP.
get(key) Access an attribute.
getdir() Method to get the subdirectory(s) of the current BDP relative to the ADMIT working directory.
getfiles() Return the filename(s) associated with the basic data in a BDP.
getimage([imtype, name]) Method to get a specific image type from the class
getimagefile([imtype, name]) Method to get the requested image file name from the named instance
haskey(key) Query if a key exists for an BDP.
isequal(bdp) Tests for equality with another BDP.
report() Report BDP properties in human readable format.
setkey([name, key]) Sets keyword value(s).
show() Show the xmlFile name.
update(new_state) Updates BDP state.
write([xmlFile]) Writes the BDP to an XML file.