Source code for admit.bdp.SourceList_BDP

""" .. _SourceList-bdp-api:

    **SourceList_BDP** --- SFind2D_AT data (image and table).

    This module defines the SourceList_BDP class.

# ADMIT imports
from Table_BDP import Table_BDP
from Image_BDP import Image_BDP

# system imports
import numpy as np

[docs]class SourceList_BDP(Table_BDP, Image_BDP): """ SourceList BDP class. This class contains a list of sources. Parameters ---------- xmlFile : str Output XML file name. keyval : dict Dictionary of keyword:value pairs. Attributes ---------- table : Table Instance of the Table class to hold the source information. """ def __init__(self, xmlFile=None, **keyval): Table_BDP.__init__(self, xmlFile) Image_BDP.__init__(self, xmlFile) self.nsources = 0 self.table.setkey("columns", ["Name", "RA", "DEC", "Flux", "Peak", "Major", "Minor", "PA"]) self.table.setkey("units", ["", "", "", "Jy", "Jy/beam", "arcsec", "arcsec", "deg"]) = np.array([], dtype=object) self.setkey(keyval) self._version= "0.1.0"
[docs] def addRow(self, row): """ Method to add a row to the table Parameters ---------- row : array like the row to add Returns ------- None """ self.nsources += 1 self.table.addRow(row)
def __len__(self): return len(self.table)