Source code for admit.bdp.PVSlice_BDP

   .. _PVSlice-bdp-api:

   **PVSlice_BDP** --- PVSlice_AT data (image).

   This module defines the PVSlice_BDP class.

from Image_BDP import Image_BDP
import admit.util.bdp_types as bt

#@ todo   This used to be LineImage, instead of Image.  

[docs]class PVSlice_BDP(Image_BDP): """ PVSlice Basic Data Product PVSlice taken from an Image cube. Parameters ---------- xmlFile : string Output XML file name. keyval : dictionary Dictionary of keyword value pairs. Attributes ---------- image : Image An Image class to hold the PVSlice data. line : string String describing the line in the cube. Usually 4 numbers. method : string Method describing the line. Possible are 'slice' and 'slit'. """ def __init__(self,xmlFile=None,**keyval): Image_BDP.__init__(self,xmlFile) self.mean = 0.0 self.sigma = 0.0 self.line = "" self.method = "" self.setkey(keyval) self._version= "0.1.0"