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""" .. _Smooth-at-api:

   **Smooth_AT** --- Creates a smoothed version of a cube.

   This module defines the Smooth_AT class.
from admit.AT import AT
from admit.Summary import SummaryEntry
import admit.util.bdp_types as bt
import admit.util.Image as Image
import admit.util.utils as utils
import admit.util.Line as Line
from admit.bdp.SpwCube_BDP import SpwCube_BDP
from admit.util.AdmitLogging import AdmitLogging as logging

import numpy as np
from copy import deepcopy

  import casa
  import taskinit
  print "WARNING: No CASA; Smooth task cannot function."

[docs]class Smooth_AT(AT): """Creates a smoothed version of a datacube. Because interferometric arrays produce spectral cubes with the frequency varying along the spectral axis, these cubes have varying resolutions that are proportional to the wavelength. It is often desirable to smooth the resolution of the cube to a uniform one. In this task, we take an input cube, take the beam for each plane, compute the minimum ellipse that contains all the beams, and then smooth uniformly to that resolution. Also, we may wish to smooth along the velocity axis so that weak lines may come out more clearly in the resulting image. If the user desires, we take the input cube and smooth it to a given velocity resolution. See also :ref:`Smooth-AT-Design` for the design document. **Keywords** **bmaj**: dictionary A dictionary with keys 'unit' giving the unit of the major axis of the desired restoring beam and 'value', giving the value of the major axis of the desired restoring beam. If 'value' is negative, then the major axis of the restoring beam will be that of the minimum enclosing ellipse for all the beams in the image. Allowed units are "arcsec" and "pixel." **Default**: {'value' : -1.0, 'unit': 'arcsec'}. **bmin**: dictionary A dictionary with keys 'unit' giving the unit of the minor axis of the desired restoring beam and 'value', giving the value of the minor axis of the desired restoring beam. If 'value' is negative, then the minor axis of the restoring beam will be that of the minimum enclosing ellipse for all the beams in the image. Allowed units are "arcsec" and "pixel." **Default**: {'value' : -1.0, 'unit': 'arcsec'}. **bpa**: float A float that gives the position angle of the desired restoring beam. If negative, this will be set to the position angle of the minimum enclosing ellipse for all the beams in the image. **Default**: -1.0. **velres**: dictionary A dictionary with keys 'unit' giving the unit of the desired velocity resolution of the image cube and 'value', giving the value of the desired velocity resolution of the image cube. If 'value' is negative, no smoothing in velocity will be done. Allowed units are "m/s", "km/s", "Hz", "kHz","MHz", "GHz", and "pixel" **Default**: {'value' : -1.0, 'unit': 'km/s'}. **Input BDPs** **SpwCube_BDP**: count: `varies` Input cubes; e.g., output from an `Ingest_AT <Ingest_AT.html>`_, `ContinuumSub_AT <ContinuumSub_AT.html>`_ or `LineCube_AT <LineCube_AT.html>`_. **Output BDPs** **SpwCube_BDP**: count: `varies` (equal to input count) Smoothed cubes. Parameters ---------- keyval : dict, optional Dictionary of keyword:value pairs. Attributes ---------- _version : string Version ID string. """ def __init__(self, **keyval): keys = { "bmaj" : {'value': -1.0, 'unit': 'arcsec'}, "bmin" : {'value': -1.0, 'unit': 'arcsec'}, "bpa" : -1.0, "velres" : {'value': -1.0, 'unit': 'pixel'}, } AT.__init__(self,keys,keyval) self._version = "1.1.0" self.set_bdp_in([(SpwCube_BDP,0,bt.REQUIRED)]) self.set_bdp_out([(SpwCube_BDP,0)])
[docs] def summary(self): """Returns the summary dictionary from the AT, for merging into the ADMIT Summary object. Smooth_AT adds the following to ADMIT summary:: Key type Description -------- ------ ----------- smooth list Info about smoothing done (e.g., beam parameters, spectral resolution). """ if hasattr(self,"_summary"): return self._summary else: return {}
[docs] def run(self): """ The run method creates the BDP Parameters ---------- None Returns ------- None """ self._summary = {} dt = utils.Dtime("Smooth") dt.tag("start") # get the input keys bmaj = self.getkey("bmaj") bmin = self.getkey("bmin") bpa = self.getkey("bpa") velres = self.getkey("velres") # take care of potential issues in the unit strings # @todo if not provided? bmaj['unit'] = bmaj['unit'].lower() bmin['unit'] = bmin['unit'].lower() velres['unit'] = velres['unit'].lower() taskargs = "bmaj=%s bmin=%s bpa=%s velres=%s" % (bmaj,bmin,bpa,velres) ia = taskinit.iatool() qa = taskinit.qatool() bdpnames=[] for ibdp in self._bdp_in: istem = ibdp.getimagefile(bt.CASA) image_in = ibdp.baseDir() + istem bdp_name = self.mkext(istem,'sim') image_out = self.dir(bdp_name) h = casa.imhead(image_in, mode='list') pix_scale = np.abs(h['cdelt1'] * 206265.0) # pix scale in asec @todo QA ? CC = 299792458.0 # speed of light @todo somewhere else [utils.c , but in km/s] rest_freq = h['crval3'] # frequency pixel scale in km/s vel_scale = np.abs(CC*h['cdelt3']/rest_freq/1000.0) # unit conversion to arcsec (spatial) or km/s # (velocity) or some flavor of Hz. if(bmaj['unit'] == 'pixel'): bmaj = bmaj['value']*pix_scale else: bmaj = bmaj['value'] if(bmin['unit'] == 'pixel'): bmin = bmin['value']*pix_scale else: bmin = bmin['value'] hertz_input = False if velres['unit'] == 'pixel': velres['value'] = velres['value']*vel_scale velres['unit'] = 'km/s' elif velres['unit'] == 'm/s': velres['value'] = velres['value']/1000.0 velres['unit'] = 'km/s' elif velres['unit'][-2:] == 'hz': hertz_input = True elif velres['unit'] == 'km/s': pass else: logging.error("Unknown units in velres=%s" % velres['unit']) rdata = bmaj # we smooth in velocity first. if smoothing in velocity # the cube apparently must be closed afterwards and # then reopened if spatial smoothing is to be done. if velres['value'] > 0: # handle the different units allowed. CASA doesn't # like lowercase for hz units... if not hertz_input: freq_res = str(velres['value']*1000.0/CC *rest_freq )+'Hz' else: freq_res = str(velres['value']) # try to convert velres to km/s for debug purposes velres['value'] = velres['value']/rest_freq*CC / 1000.0 if(velres['unit'] == 'khz'): velres['value'] = velres['value']*1000.0 velres['unit'] = 'kHz' elif(velres['unit']=='mhz'): velres['value'] = velres['value']*1E6 velres['unit'] = 'MHz' elif(velres['unit']=='ghz'): velres['value'] = velres['value']*1E9 velres['unit'] = 'GHz' freq_res = freq_res + velres['unit'] # NB: there is apparently a bug in CASA. only smoothing along the frequency # axis does not work. sepconvolve gives a unit error (says axis unit is radian rather # than Hz). MUST smooth in 2+ dimensions if you want this to work. if(velres['value'] < vel_scale): raise Exception,"Desired velocity resolution %g less than pixel scale %g" % (velres['value'],vel_scale) image_tmp = self.dir('tmp.smooth') im2=ia.sepconvolve(outfile=image_tmp,axes=[0,1,2], types=["boxcar","boxcar","gauss"],\ widths=['1pix','1pix',freq_res], overwrite=True) im2.done() logging.debug("sepconvolve to %s" % image_out) # for some reason, doing this in memory does not seem to work, so outfile must be specified."Smoothing cube to a velocity resolution of %s km/s" % str(velres['value']))"Smoothing cube to a frequency resolution of %s" % freq_res) ia.close() dt.tag("sepconvolve") else: image_tmp = image_out # now do the spatial smoothing convolve_to_min_beam = True # default is to convolve to a min enclosing beam if bmaj > 0 and bmin > 0: # form qa objects out of these so that casa can understand bmaj = qa.quantity(bmaj,'arcsec') bmin = qa.quantity(bmin,'arcsec') bpa = qa.quantity(bpa,'deg') target_res={} target_res['major'] = bmaj target_res['minor'] = bmin target_res['positionangle'] = bpa # throw an exception if cannot be convolved try: # for whatever reason, if you give convolve2d a beam parameter, # it complains ... im2=ia.convolve2d(outfile=image_out,major = bmaj,\ minor = bmin, pa = bpa,\ targetres=True,overwrite=True) im2.done()"Smoothing cube to a resolution of %s by %s at a PA of %s" % (str(bmaj['value']), str(bmin['value']), str(bpa['value']))) convolve_to_min_beam = False achieved_res = target_res except: # @todo remind what you need ? logging.error("Warning: Could not convolve to requested resolution of "\ +str(bmaj['value']) + " by " + str(bmin['value']) + \ " at a PA of "+ str(bpa['value'])) raise Exception,"Could not convolve to beam given!" dt.tag("convolve2d-1") if convolve_to_min_beam: restoring_beams = ia.restoringbeam() commonbeam = ia.commonbeam() # for whatever reason, setrestoringbeam does not use the same set of hashes... commonbeam['positionangle']=commonbeam['pa'] del commonbeam['pa'] # if there's one beam, apparently the beams keyword does not exist if 'beams' in restoring_beams: print "Smoothing cube to a resolution of "+ \ str(commonbeam['major']['value']) +" by "+ \ str(commonbeam['minor']['value'])+" at a PA of "\ +str(commonbeam['pa']['value']) target_res = commonbeam im2=ia.convolve2d(outfile=image_out,major=commonbeam['major'],\ minor=commonbeam['minor'],\ pa=commonbeam['positionangle'],\ targetres=True,overwrite=True) im2.done() achieved_res = commonbeam dt.tag("convolve2d-2") else: print "One beam for all planes. Smoothing to common beam redundant." achieved_res = commonbeam if velres['value'] < 0: ia.fromimage(outfile=image_out, infile=image_in) # not really doing anything # else, we've already done what we needed to ia.setrestoringbeam(beam = achieved_res) rdata = achieved_res['major']['value'] # else do no smoothing and just close the image ia.close() dt.tag("close") b1 = SpwCube_BDP(bdp_name) self.addoutput(b1) # need to update for multiple images. b1.setkey("image", Image(images={bt.CASA:bdp_name})) bdpnames = bdpnames.append(bdp_name) # and clean up the temp image before the next image if velres['value'] > 0: utils.remove(image_tmp) # thes are task arguments not summary entries. _bmaj = qa.convert(achieved_res['major'],'rad')['value'] _bmin = qa.convert(achieved_res['minor'],'rad')['value'] _bpa = qa.convert(achieved_res['positionangle'],'deg')['value'] vres = "%.2f %s" % (velres['value'],velres['unit']) logging.regression("SMOOTH: %f %f" % (rdata,velres['value'])) self._summary["smooth"] = SummaryEntry([bdp_name,convolve_to_min_beam,_bmaj,_bmin,_bpa,vres],"Smooth_AT",,taskargs) dt.tag("done") dt.end()